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INF566 Networks, Protocoles
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The objective of the course is to present a general overview of the protocols and the network applications, while focusing in particular on the Internet protocols. We will describe how the protocol mechanisms function and, according to the interest, why one option or another was adopted. We will compare the advantages and the inconveniences of the possible solutions while taking into account the constraints of “realism”.

The course is organised into 7 blocks.
  • The first block briefly presents the basic notions, as well as a comparison of the approaches adopted by the telephone network and the Internet.
  • The second block concerns local networks. The physical layer will be described, as well as the protocols for multiple accesses to a communications channel.
  • The third block explains the techniques for addressing and routing on the Internet.
  • The fourth block describes the protocols for controlling communications such as TCP.
  • The fifth block concerns protocol architectures. We will present effective techniques to implement “network” applications.
  • The sixth block describes multipoint protocols and applications on the Internet.
  • The seventh block discusses the different approaches available to supply good quality service on the Internet.

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